Fall Fashion – Layering


Zara’s new men’s line is not only stylish but also very affordable (Compare to H&M).  Last week, I did some shopping and picked up a few things from both H&M and Zara.  I also finally bought a peacoat from Banana Republic that fits well.  It’s part of their heritage collection, which is now called “Monogram” (their “high-end” line).  Either way, I’ve been noticing a lot of layering this Fall.  My co-workers (girls, of course) have been giving me some tips on how to improve my outfits.  So I took their advice and got a cardigan from H&M.  I was very hesitant at first but I went ahead and bought it.  I love it now.  It keeps me warm and it looks great with a white t-shirt underneath.  I picked up a great shirt from Banana that’s made out of a stretchy material.  It’s got great fitting.

I also picked up some v-neck sweaters from Zara.  Grey is very in this season and knit-fabric seems to be showing up all over the racks.  Zara’s new line is all about layering.  An option to consider is a shirt, cardigan, scarf, coat, or a collared shirt, knit v-neck sweater (maybe a tie), scarf, and coat.  If you want to add more personality, bohemian scarves are no longer just for girls, but guys can rock them too.  Either way, the more you add on to your outfit, the more depth you add to your style.

Zara - Bohemian Scarf, Cardigans, Vest

Zara Fall Line

Zara Fall Line


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